About Recommendable



Recommendable Helps Businesses to Grow.

Recommendable lets people share their recommendations for local businesses with friends. It’s easy for users to recommend companies, and their friends can find trustworthy services and retailers using our smart search tools. It’s a very simple test, would you recommend a company, yes or no. We think that simple assessment says pretty much everything anyone needs to know, which is why there are no reviews, thumbs downs or ratings on our site. Recommendations are a simple, one-click process, and the benefits for businesses are long-lasting.

This blog site is updated and managed by our executive team, Founders and marketing team. We’re sharing out business, growth, marketing, startup and local business experiences as well as tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. We’ll also be showing how recommendable is developing and what is coming in the future

We also love helping local businesses to grow, so we’ll be adding new businesses every week in our spotlight feature. We’re excited to talk to so many awesome businesses and we’re always looking to for new businesses to spotlight. If you’re interested please sign up here.


We look forward to helping your business grow.